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Myths Vs. Realities

Educated consumers make our best customers. That’s because they have taken the time to separate quality, price, service and support myths from realities. Some examples:

If I purchase my computer through a department store or mail order, it will be cheaper.

Yes, it will be cheaper. In addition to having cheaper parts and components, such a system will also likely lack the ability to be upgraded and will almost certainly come equipped with poor service and support — not to mention little or no training!

A toll-free help line means I will have professional support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Most toll-free computer lines generate more busy signals than answers and many callers realize much too late that they are not able to fully comprehend and carry out the instructions the help desk person is giving them. This does not happen with GCS.

MYTH #3:
A computer system that is custom-designed and built must be over-priced.

The fact that Grove Computer Services is an OEM means that we are able to deliver quality, custom-built systems at surprisingly competitive prices.